Rocking M Ranch
Located in Stephenville, Texas and Pisco, Peru

Owned by Mike and Linda Mewhinney, the ranch has long been recognized as a producer of outstanding horses for both the show arena and trail riding. Avid promoters of the Peruvian Horse, Mike and Linda have breeding programs established both in the United States and Peru. With over 2,000 acres of trails and pasture land, Rocking M is the largest Peruvian Horse ranch in the U.S. We hope you enjoy the information we have provided you about our ranch, and invite you to join us in owning the beautiful, smooth-riding Peruvian Horse.

Webster's dictionary defines "luxury" as, "the use and enjoyment of the best, most precious things that offer the most physical comfort and satisfaction." Luxury may be the single best word in the English language to describe the Peruvian Paso Horse. The Peruvian Horse is one of the world's last remaining naturally gaited horses, and is appreciated and in demand by American horse enthusiasts for several very good reasons. The Peruvian Horse of today combines qualities, which could be called contradictory. He is spirited, yet easy to handle and smooth and relaxed in motion. There is something for everyone in this elegant animal: smooth riding comfort, high energy, strength and stamina, intelligence and a tractable disposition, animated, flashy presence and 100% natural action which set the Peruvian apart from others. All Peruvian Horse aficionados worldwide share the pride of owning a horse of great beauty and rarity.


The modern Peruvian Horse is a unique animal that has developed during four hundred and fifty years of selective breeding. It descends from horses introduced into Peru by the Conquistadors and subsequent Spanish settlers. They were selectively bred to preserve and improve attributes of the foundation horses, which carried the blood of the Barb, the Spanish Jennet and the Andalusian. This produced a horse with the unique combination of the smoothest ride and the utmost ground-covering stride. To cover the vast haciendas in Peru, one needed an animal of great endurance, but, also important to the rider, an animal capable of providing a smooth, comfortable ride over those great distances.


The Peruvian Horse transmits its unique smooth gait to its purebred foals. No artificial devices or special training aids are necessary to enable the horse to perform its specialty – a natural four-beat footfall of medium speed that provides a ride of incomparable smoothness and harmony of movement along with the utmost ground covering ability within one sequence of footfalls. This signature gait is called "paso llano" and it is 100% unique to the Peruvian Horse. The Peruvian Horse's paso llano gait a rare example in the modern horse world of a natural, medium speed four beat lateral way of going with excellent advance.

Portions reprinted with permission by Peruvian Horse Quarterly.

*ERM Espontaneo's get winning the Get of Sire class at the 2011 Peruvian National Show in Lima, Peru.